Should I Sell My Unit Trust Now Because Market Is Going Downhill Or Wait For The Price To Rise UP?

Thu, Oct 23, 2008


lina said:
helo, i just stumbled into your site..
i bought some unit trust and also investing my CPF and now its going downhill..qns is, should i terminate them or continue and wait for the price to go up?

My Answer:
You should HOLD ON to your unit trust.

The market will fall for perhaps another 2-3 years followed by a bull.

Perhaps,if you have additional cash(which you dont need to touch for the next 5 years),you can do a top up,to dollar cost average your investment.

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Thank you. 🙂


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One Response to “Should I Sell My Unit Trust Now Because Market Is Going Downhill Or Wait For The Price To Rise UP?”

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