The Poor Will Remain Poor

Mon, Feb 25, 2008


I have something to share with you here.

What is the different between rich people and poor people?

Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

Why some people detest the rich while some loves the rich?

Let me tell you straight.

The difference between the rich and the poor is only one thing.


The rich thinks differently than the poor.

Thus they behave differently than the poor.

The poor do all kind of things to make them poorer, while the rich do all kind of things to get them richer.

It doesnt helps that the poor always mingle with the poor while the rich always mingle with the rich.

When the poor becomes rich due to streak of luck (toto), it will be also a matter of time, where they will lose everything because their neurology have been conditioned to be poor.

They have the mindset of “poor people”.

Some poor poeple dont want to change.

They resist to be changed.

They want an easy way out.

Yet, they will always find themselves on the losing end.

I am sorry for the poor.

If you remain adamant with such mindset, I cant help you.

Nobody can help you,

You choose your path.

You choose your destiny.

Dont blame anyone else.



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