Real Reasons Why Financially Successful People Continue To Work Hard….

Sat, Mar 28, 2009


I always asked my financially successful friends, on what drives them to work hard to make a lot of money.Many concur that, if one works hard, only being motivated by money, it is RARELY sustainable.

Especially in our job scope, when this month we have high commission, next month, we tend to slack or tend to rest, because we are so contented with our prior month’s paycheck. very bad

Sometimes, I’m just curious in seeing how,some people just get SUPER motivated and SUPER charged up to continue their high energy level and building momentum to work hard.


It gets me very curious…….and I started asking questions….. ๐Ÿ™‚

What is the “driver” to make these people work hard?

What is the “motivational element” that makes these already financially successful people work hard?

Are they all in only for the MONEY?

I happened to ask 3 top financial consultants in my company, on the very reasons why they work hard. I will not name them for privacy.

The first one, tell me…”Helmi…I work hard because I NEED to support my family…I NEED to ensure that my wife, my children have enough food to eat. I will do whatever I can, to support them. I love them so much and they are EVERYTHING TO ME!!!”

So….I know, the first top financial consultant, works hard BECAUSE he needs to support his family.

The second top financial consultant, I asked the same question and he replied, “I work hard because feel syiokla see my face in newspaper. Shaking the CEO hand, collecting awards. I feel high, you know when seeing our colleagues whispering amongst each other saying top agent is coming….hahahhhaha”

So I know, the second top financial consultant, work hard BECAUSE of recognition.

The third , replied me with tears rolling down the cheek, “Recognition, all these, I dont need. In fact, I dont even attend all these ceremonies. I work hard promoting life insurance, because I have seen so many of my distant family members suffer because they do not have insurance when they need it. I feel SAD for them. I feel like that I am their only hope. I want to spread the message of the importance of insurance to everyone. If they do not want to listen to me, it is okay…at least I know, I have done my part…I need to help them…..

I wrote this post, because I know, that there are many financial consultants out there reading my blog, and I will like to offer this strategy of encouragement for you to continue to work hard.

Find your energy “driver”, your purpose, on why you CHOOSE to be in this industry, and then insyallah…you will find that magnetic energy that will force you to surge forward to meet the demands of your job.

Are you in because you want to help people? Are you in because you want to support your family? …Or are you in because of recognition?

You know what? It doesnt matter!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Understand your values, your drivers….Remember, money is just a piece of paper. You can earn it and you can lose it in a split of a second.

When you clearly understand your values, you will move forward, taking consistent actions towards your goals without flinching in doubt of your daily life.

Yes…Identify your drivers NOW and live a purposeful life! ๐Ÿ™‚


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