Profile & Mission

(May Peace and Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon You)

My name is Helmi Hakim.
I am licensed financial adviser representative and an authorised representative of Infinitum Financial Advisory Pte Limited (Co Reg. No. 199100483Z).
Infinitum Financial Advisory is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited.

Been in the financial planning industry since year 2007, I specialise in helping Muslim families plan their finance, the shariah compliant way in Singapore.

You will feel empowered and blessed with Halal Financial Solutions to achieve your goals in this dunya and akhira.
It’s fardu kifayah on us to empower our Muslim community in Singapore with Halal financial planning knowledge that will positively impact your family and generations to come.
My Core Values is Commitment, Accountability, Honest, Pro Active.

If you like to learn more on how you can plan your finance, the shariah compliant way in Singapore, do whatsapp/SMS me at 96520134. Thank you.