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I believe, this is a very intriguing topic, for Mondays’ motivational post.

You see, many people including ME, loves to spend. Everytime, earn money, I love to splurge on everything that looks ATTRACTIVE to my eyes. nike sales @ singapore expo just over


Yes… I always advise my clients on the boundaries of “needs” and “wants”. Buy stuffs only, if you NEED it. Save 20% of your monthly income. Have 6 months savings of your monthly expenses for contingencies….Think savings as on a daily basis, makes it much EASIER for you to save….Savings is GOOD, spending is BAD…..dadadahhhh….

It is like script that I have rattled over 1001 times….preaching and at times lambasting others to do savings. Easier said than done. Period.

The question now is, “How do you exactly MOTIVATE yourself, to do more savings?”

The strategy that I am about to share with you, is a well known strategy that many who find it difficult to save money like me, contends that this is the BEST, “sure to work” strategy.

It is called “FORCED SAVINGS”! 🙂

Most people, what they do, when they get their pay, is that they SPEND their money first, and then later, they SAVES.


They spend their money, and then later at the end of the month, begin to kancheong question themselves, “Eh? Where all my money gone into?”.

Unfortunately, for many, the “balance” at the end of the month is too little or worst… they have a negative cashflow, taking GE loans, Courts loans, even worst….credit cards loans @ 24% interest per annum! 🙁  –sigh, disappointment–

What you need to do is, save your money first, and the remaining, SPEND it! Get a regular savings plan, ie endowment plan or investment linked policy. (Note: Financial Advisors like us can do a risk profile analysis for you)

The money will be deducted every month automatically from your bank account. I did this, and NOW, whenever, I spend money, I can do so without feeling guilty.

Why? Because, I know that my savings, for the basic needs have been well taken care of! 🙂


So remember, when you get your pay, SAVE your money 1st, and then later, you can SPEND the rest, without feeling guilty! 🙂


p.s. By the way, if you wish to discover a simple & halal way to create a positive monthly cashflow and calculate your net worth for FREE, then please click here…

Helmi Hakim