Some People Dont Need Insurance: Yes…Believe Me. It May Be YOU! :)

Mon, Oct 8, 2007


When I talk to my clients, some of them say that they don’t need insurance.

To me there is only one type of people who don’t need insurance.

Who are they?

The Ultra-Rich.

Heck…Bill Gates dont need insurance.

Warren Buffet dont need insurance.

The ultra-rich have millions or billions of dollars they can afford to spent.

However majority of us need insurance.

You buy life insurance not because of the “returns” that you can get.

You buy life insurance not for yourself.

You buy life insurance because you love someone and because someone loves you.

Imagine you are the sole-breadwinner in your family, supporting your wife and kids.

Touch wood, if anything were to happen to that very sole-breadwinner, the family is gonna suffer.

If the sole-breadwinner do not have health insurance, the family is going to be drained financially for them to pay for the hospital bills.

If the sole-breadwinner were to met with death, permanent disablity or critical illness, the family will be in deep trouble if the sole breadwinner do not have any insurance with him.

Expenses still goes on and the wife may have to work.

AND…who is going to take care of the kids.

If the husband, the sole breadwinner have an insurance policies in place, and anything were to happen to him the family will be left with an estate/sum assured.

Usually few hundred thousand dollars.

The family can depend on that money to carry on with life, and will be thankful to the deceased for his extra mile of financial planning.

Friends, insurance is important!

You need it!


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