5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore

Thu, Aug 1, 2019

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I love my job as an Islamic financial consultant in Singapore.

This job offers me the freedom of time.
Do what I want and when I WANT it.

I can choose to pray my fardhu prayers at the mosque
or at the comfort of my home.
(My office is just 3 buildings away from Masjid Ghufran).

I can choose to spend more time with my loved ones,
travelling all over the world.

5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore

5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore

5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore

(Me and my beautiful family spending quality time together)

And also, being an Islamic Financial Consultant in Singapore offers me the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life.

I have the opportunity to observe and identify common traits of Singaporean Muslims who have achieved an admirable level of financial success.

They come from different industries.
Yet, all of them share this pattern.
Very common pattern.
I call this “Patterns of Success Dunia Akhirat”
This pattern sets them apart from others.

And I am going to share with you my findings,
“5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore”.
Bismillah! 🙂

1. Strengten our relationship with Allah + Blessings From Your Parents


Some of you know that the month of June was a challenging month for me.

I was hospitalised for 8 days due to high fever

(Myself being hospitalised for the first time in my life)


and my father-in-law passed away in that very month.

Sleepless nights. Emotional roller coaster rides – up and down..

I redha what happened.

I accept that it is Qada and Qadar.
Ketentuan illahi.

The episode taught me 1 thing.
Treasure your loved ones.

Especially your parents.
They are our keramat hidup.
One of the most POWERFUL nikmat that you have in this world if your parents is alive is their DOA.
Their prayers for your success. Their blessings.

5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore
(A picture of my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and us!)


Everytime I am confronted with challenges in life.
Or presented with opportunities that send butterflies to my stomach.
The first thing I seek is DOA, prayers from my parents.


I realised those who are successful, they are very, very close to their parents.

They preserve silaturahim with their loved ones.

In addition to that, they understand 1 thing.
Rezeki is from Allah S.W.T.
Financially successful Muslims take every action to strengthen their relationship with Allah S.W.T.
Through Solat Taubat.
Solat Tahajud.
Solat Hajat.
Solat Istikharah.
Solat Duha.

(Sadaqah (Give to charity) and ask help from our creator through prayers)


Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) said
“la tatahrroku zarratun illa biiznillah”
(Not even a particle can move without the permission of Allah)

Do not depend on anyone.
Place your hopes only on Allah S.W.T.


2. Pay your zakat harta


Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam.

In my experience as a financial consultant,
when I conduct financial analysis for the public,
I realise many of our fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters forget to pay zakat harta.

They pay zakat fitrah every Ramadhan.
But they overlook their zakat harta.
They totally forgot about it!

Some even question me the rationale.
The logic of paying Zakat Harta.

“What Helmi? Because I have $100,000 for the past 1 year and multiply it with 2.5% –
I need to pay zakat of $2500 cash.

If I have $200,000 – I have to pay $200,000 X 2.5%.
I need to pay zakat of $5000!
$5000 IS A LOT OF MONEY!!”


I replied.

Zakat is 1 of the pillars of Islam.

(5 pillars of our Islamic Faith)


It is OBLIGATORY upon every adult Muslim of sound mind and means.

Zakat Harta is OBLIGATORY for Muslims whose wealth/savings that has reached its Haul (more than 1 year) and has reached kadar Nisab value (Refer to MUIS website for the current Nisab value).

The amount of Zakat to be paid is 2.5% of Nisab.


(Niat Zakat)

Allah S.W.T. told us in the Quran, Surah at-taubah verse 60, on how zakat is disbused to the 8 asnafs.


The alms are only for the Fuqara’ (the poor),
and Al-Masakin (the needy)
and those employed to collect (the funds);
and to attract the hearts of those who have been inclined (towards Islam);
and to free the captives;
and for those in debt;
and for Allah’s Cause, and for the wayfarer (a traveler who is cut off from everything);
a duty imposed by Allah. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise.
” [Al-Quran 9:60]

If you need to pay zakat, you should shukur. You should be grateful. Because it means you are self sufficient.
You are in the position to give.

And if you are yet to have the opportunity to contribute to zakat harta due to not fulfiling the syurut of zakat/ requirements above, give sadaqah jariah.

Because by giving sadaqah jariah, Insya’Allah you will be blessed with the rezeki to contribute to zakat harta in the near future.
Amin. Allahumma Amin… 🙂



3. Just Do It


I like NIKE’s tagline.
Just do it.

That is the tagline of financially successful people.

After they seek ilmu, they don’t ‘terhegeh hegeh’ (procrastinate).
They immediately take action! 🙂

I always share with my clients.
Knowledge is not power.
Knowledge TURNED into action is POWER!!!



You know the ways to FATTEN your wallet
These are the ways to have more numbers in your Al Wadiah savings account
These are the ways to GROW your money the Halal way
These are the ways to CREATE your streams of shariah compliant passive income

You seek the knowledge. And what should you do?
Take action immediately!

The best way for you to learn something and get results is to do it.


(Cone of learning shows that the BEST way to learn and GET RESULTS is by doing the real thing)

I have never met anyone becoming successful just by reading books, and not taking action.
To me knowledge is not power.

Knowledge without amal (action) is like a tree that does not bear fruits.
Wasted right? 🙂


4. Mentor

The 4th shariah compliant tips to achieve financial success is to have a mentor.

I have been sharing this many times.

There is nothing new on this earth created by Allah S.W.T.
Whatever you want to achieve, somebody else has already achieved it.

So what you need to do.
You need to find them.
You need to befriend them.
And you need to model them.

Financially successful people have mentors and coaches to guide them.
To show them the ropes.
To warn them if there are any obstacles at their blindspot.

Success is by design, not by accident my friends.
We have to plan our success.
And having a mentor who has achieved what we want to achieve is a sure fire way to shortcut your route to be a financially successful Muslim in Singapore.
Amin. Insya’Allah. 🙂

5. Ultimate Vision is Jannah



Ultimate vision for us on this planet earth is to go to heaven in the hereafter.
This world is temporary.

Before we come to this earth, Allah S.W.T. asked all the creations, if we want to undergo a test.
Life is the test.

Allah S.W.T. told us, that the angels, the animals and the mountains refused, because they knew, they cannot bear that test. But we humans in our ignorance, agree to be tested. All of us.

Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man [undertook to] bear it. Indeed, he was unjust and ignorant. (Quran 33.72)

You will say now:
I don’t remember being asked. Me too, I don’t.
We all don’t.
That knowledge was been wiped out for the period of the test.
But on the day of judgement, we will all remember that.

My friends… We will die.
And we will be resurrected.
And we will be held accountable on the day of judgement for our deeds in this dunya. 

That is why I always ask myself.
Anything I do.
Every single action I take.
Will it bring me closer to Jannah?
One aspect that I hold on dearly is managing one’s personal finances.

Financially successful Muslims are very concerned with how they earn their money.
How they grow it. And how they spend it.

We ensure that every single step to earn our money.
To grow our money. And to spend our money.
Is shariah compliant.

Because why?
Because we will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement.

Financially successful Muslims set our targets on Jannatul Firdaus.
Amin. Insya’Allah! 🙂



Now… I hope you have benefited from my sharing on 5 Shariah Compliant Tips To Achieve Financial Success in Singapore…….

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Take Care!  ?


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