Insurance Premiums

Sat, Nov 24, 2007


1. Standard rates

About 95% of people who apply for life insurance are accepted at the standard rates of premium.

2. Extra Premium

About 5% of applicants have to pay an extra premium due to health conditions such as overweight, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic conditions or have a family history of these conditions.

If we have to charge an extra premium, we will offer a fair rate that is adequate to cover the additional risk.

Our underwriter assess the risk based on the information declared in the application form and medical report. Over 80% of our customers accept our offer to be reasonable.

3. Review Of Decision

If you do not agree with our extra premium, you can request for a review. You can:

– submit new information – such as a doctor or hospital reports.
– accept a temporary exclusion of pre-existing medical conditions (to be reviewed later)
– call 68773441 to discuss with our underwriter

If our underwriter is not be able to improve the initial offer, you can ask for your case to be escalated to senior management.

Our intention is to provide you a prompt and fair underwriting offer.


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