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Sun, Jan 13, 2008

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Being a financial associate is a very pleasant job.

It’s a dream job for many.

You can wake up anytime you want, go home anytime you want, sleep anytime you want and do anything, anytime you want.

I realise that in my short stinct with NTUC Income, I have put on some weight.

Therefore, I will now like to make a personal declaration.

I want to diet.

I want to control my eating habits.

I believe, I spend about $10/day on food.

If I can save on this and save more, I can do a top up on my ideal plan.

OR I can simply increase my premium size to force myself not to spend too much on food.

Friends or anyone of you reading this blog, if you see me, eating MacDonalds or KFCs, do make me feel guilty.

I want to cut down on all these junk foods.

Right now, I save $300/mth using NTUC Income ideal plan.

I am going to save it for 5-6 years and use it for marriage purpose.

I will get another $600/mth ideal plan in March this year, which will cater for my retirement needs.

This second account, I will do frequent top up with my excess income to make my money work harder for me.

3 years later, I will sell partial units and I hope to accumulate enough for me to buy a full paid up condominium house in Malaysia.

Then, I will rent it and earn passive income.


As a matter of discipline, I will document in this blog, everyday, how much I spend on food.

Wish me strengh 🙂


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