Personal Finance Is Meant To Be Simple.

Sun, Feb 3, 2008

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Some of my clients are surprised by the simplicity of personal finance.

They are expecting it to be something cumbersome, something difficult, something boring….

Personal finance is one’s responsiblity.

The individual hold the key to his own future by planning his life as early as possible.

Our duty as financial associates is to recommend and motivate you to make decisions.

The ultimate decision maker is still you.

You have the choice to accept it.

or to reject it.

If you happen to be my client, and you are reading this very post, I will like you to give yourself a pat on the back and say “I have made the right decision to have Helmi Hakim as my personal financial associate“. 🙂

In my line of duty, I have this burgeoning, fulfiling satisfaction that I have managed to assist my clients in planning and managing their finance, to meet any of their personal objectives.

This makes me happy, day by day.

I helped them with their protection plan.

I helped them with their savings plan.

and I helped them with their investment plan.

This makes me happy, day by day.

I am a living testament.

I preach what I advocate.

…and I am very happy to see all my clients believe in me and believe in the organisation that I am working with.

NTUC Income Cooperative Ltd.

This is an achievement to me.

I will continuously upgrade myself, for the betterment of all my clients.

Gods Willing! 🙂


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