What to Look For In an Investment Linked Policy?

Mon, Jan 7, 2008


This week, I am going to talk to you of a financial instrument, known as an Investment Linked Policy.

What is ILP (Investment Linked Policy) basically?

An ILP is basically an investment plan with insurance.

You can also mention it a Unit Trust with insurance.

There are lots of ILPs in the market for you to choose, and I am here today to divulge the “well kept” secret, “closely guarded” details for your learning.

Just A Note

1) No financial consultant in Singapore actually reveals to you this information openly, except me in this blog.

2) Whatever savings plan you already have, from whichever company is good. You are better than those who do not have any savings at all.


What I will like to emphasize here is that when you get an ILP, you have to look at 2 things.

1) Allocation Rate

How much money actually goes to the fund to let it grow?

2) Charges

What are the charges? No point having good returns when all your charges eats up your profit.

I will give you the comparison tomorrow.

See ya. ๐Ÿ™‚


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2 Responses to “What to Look For In an Investment Linked Policy?”

  1. Alvin Says:

    Bro, have you put up your islamic finance articles on the web already? It would help to generate some traffic and beef up the materials..

  2. Helmi Hakim Says:

    Alvin >>> I will put it later.

    I realise there are too much jargons.

    Have lots of editing to be done, to ensure consistent, and interesting readibility amongst readers of this blog.

    No worries. You go ahead and put it in your blog.

    I will make my content unique for this blog.

    Just received some critical information that an ulama’ from Egypt have issued a fatwa, allowing the mass to get insurance from a cooperative when Islamic Insurance is not available.

    This info is definetely a boon to the Muslim community in Singapore! ๐Ÿ™‚

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