How To Emulate Michael Jackson’s Rehearsal Strategies To Improve Your Own Presentation Skills?

Fri, Nov 6, 2009

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How many of you have watched this movie, “This Is It”? 🙂


If you have watched it, you will concur with what I am about to elucidate on my sharing, “Emulating Michael Jackson’s Rehearsal Strategies To Improve Your Own Presentation Shills”.

My review is not going to be a superficial one where, one admires his style and coolness. I am going deep and drill in what makes up the essence of Michael Jackson rehearsal’s techniques and how you can apply it on yourself.

If you watch the movie, you will notice on how competent and confident, he is….Yet, how competent and confident, he is, he patiently carried out the laborious process of rehearsing and rehearsing till perfection.

We have understood from my previous post that you need 10,000 hours of practice…, to be a MASTER IN ANYTHING.

Micheal Jackson is a MASTER of singing beautiful songs and spicing it up with his slicky, thriller dance moves. (he had practice it since he was a kid!)

Yet…even after being a MASTER, you need to rehearse to perform at your peak performance during your actual play.

This is what you can learn from Michael Jackson’s way of rehearsing. 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can use this method to rehearse for your upcoming presentation, rehearse it for your upcoming sports game you will play…YOU CAN PRACTICALLY DO IT IN to rehearse for ANY SITUATION.

You see, when you rehearse, you have to rehearse 3 key things.

1) Your Words
2) Your facial expression
3) Your tonality of your voice

Most people, when they rehearse for their presentation, they memorise the words…They “thought” the words are the most important element of all.

Come to actual presentation, they fumble, forget their words and fail….or worst, monotanously rattle what they have memorised earlier, incomprehensibly driving the audience to sleep.

Like Michael Jackson, when you rehearse, you not only have to have the rough idea on what you have to say (or sing), but also you have to rehearse your facial expression and your tonality of your voice.

1) Words 3%
2) Tonality and Facial Expression 97%

You see, if you rehearse your words, without rehearsing your tonality and your facial expression while, rehearsing for your upcoming presentation, you are missing out a lot on the essence of communication.

Your communication will not be as effective as if you have rehearse, the tonality of your voice and your facial expression.

Of course, for Michael, on the extreme case, he has to gauge his pitch (notice he mentioned he has to save his voice for the later part), his dramatic dance moves etc2……which make up 97% of COMMUNICATION to his audiences that is definitely integral to success.

So….Ladies and gentlemen, REMEMBER….when you want to rehearse for any mass presentation, sales presentation for a big client, you have to rehearse not only the words you are going to use, you have to rehearse your tonality of your voice and facial expression! 🙂


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