Its An Internal Fight For All Financial Associates.

Thu, Jan 24, 2008

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I am immuned to rejections.

Its part and parcel of my job.

…What I cant stand is usually those who have made appointment with me, and cancel it at the very last minute.

…especially without any particular reasons.

Petty excuses, like too tired, etc2…

To me, this is selfish.

This is a classic example of being self-centred! ๐Ÿ™

You are depriving other clients who will like to meet me.

Usually, when I fixed an appointment at 7pm with someone, and another person will like to meet me at the same time, I cant do so.

That is why at times, I feel angry.

Usually when I met someone in public, I will tell them openly, that when I called them on the phone to arrange for appointment, and if they are not interested, do tell me upfront.

Dont say, “need to think about it first”.

Dont say, “Call me back in the afternoon, at night, tomorrow, etc”.

and never promise an appointment when you feel, you cant make it.

Its unethical, if you treat the appointment as unimportant.

…especially if its going to affect your financial life.

Integrity is very very crucial in us establishing an adviser-client relationship.


I have let out my disgrunted emotions away.

I have to lift the burden off my chest.

Sometimes, I need a medium to venge my frustration.

…and I feel blogging is one way…

..for me to venge my frustration, once in a while.

Now, I am going to share with you, a song I listen almost everyday…

It is very powerful, and it definitely help me out mentally, emotionally and even physically!

I assure you on that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whenever I am demoralised, this song will cheer me up.

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Example, on how the lyrics of the song impact me.

Whenever, my mind says “too tired”….

the song says “its a fight, its a fight”.

Whenever, my mind says “Go JB and makan”….

the song says “its a fight, its a fight”.

Whenever, my mind says “You cant do it”

the song says “its a fight, its a fight”.

Whenever, my mind says “Others are better”

the song says “I’m the man there’s no defeating“.

Conciously or subconciously,we talk to ourselves all the time.

It may be positive.

OR it may be negative.

By listening to such songs, will definitely help me a lot to think positively.

When you think negatively, people will repel from you.

When you think positively, people will be automatically be attracted to you.

So, to all my comrades in the finance industry, if you feel discouraged or bogged down, do listen to this song.

Its definitely a fight emotionally! ๐Ÿ™‚It’s A Fight Lyrics


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One Response to “Its An Internal Fight For All Financial Associates.”

  1. Gavin Says:

    Yo bro, agreed with what you and me went through, these people don’t respect our time and thought is to con them or “Force” them to buy anything. Insurance is not spending but instead it help in the sense of financial planning. We come in an intention and offer our service to them and also built up the relationship and business.

    Bro,leave them alone… we will move together!it
    s fight

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