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Sat, Aug 15, 2009

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I am very sure, many of you, reading my blog are readers.

You know, readers are leaders. You have lots of books, reading materials with you. You are passionate to learn new things, apply new concepts and preach it to many if you find it beneficial.

Like me….I have gone for a lot of courses, seminars and classes on self development, finances, religion etc2…. You name it, NLP practitioner course, sales course….anything….and everything….

What I find the most powerful tool of learning is DOING IT AND EXPERIENCING IT YOURSELF…..


In life, it is COMMON for you to make mistakes.

Be bold and accept the mistakes courageously.Because you face those mistakes courageously, you become stronger in person. You learn from your mistakes and you move forward.

Next time, when such trying situations confront you, you will then smile at it, and do what you should know.

My take….If you face difficult situations…welcome it…smile at it….because you know, if you dont die from it, you will grow out of it…

Pray not your problems are smaller…Pray that you are bigger….Insya’allah… 🙂


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