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Sun, Jan 13, 2008

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As a financial associate, we have our goals be it for our clients or for our own selves.

My goal for all my clients is too see the smile on their faces, knowing that they are well covered for their insurance.

Seeing their smile, knowing that they trust me to undertake the obligation to guide them through, choosing the right financial vehicles to meet their financial objectives.

I sincerely like to thank all my clients for their continual support.

I feel some of them signed up a plan from me not only because they know the plan is good for them, but also because they want to see me become a successful person in this industry.

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I am touched by your support.

I really appreciate your kind, sincere belief in me, and with god’s will, I will do whatever it takes for me to be successful in the finance industry and at the same time contribute back to the society who have always help me all along in my career.

Not forgetting the 2 teams that I have joined in NTUC Income.

The WST team and Alvin Soong’s team.

I believe in working together and reaching out our common goals as a team.

I believe no bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

We will do it together, and together as a team, we will reach new heights.

Yes! We will!

God’s willing 🙂


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