You Can Be A Master In Anything If You DO THIS!!!

Sun, Nov 1, 2009

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I am now working extremely hard, converting my cases and meeting more people these days all because I am fighting my way to get a seat, for Beijing 2010.

(Take a moment and pray for my goal)


Okay…In this post, I am going to share with you a secret that I stumbled upon a book, I am currently reading, called “Outliers”…

The author, Malcolm Gladwell conducted his own research on why some people just happened to succeed in their daily pursuit.

He research on Bill Gates, on Steve Jobs, on the famous Beatles…..on many successful people….

Why are these people so…successful? ….so good in what they are doing?

Why do Jews make up such good lawyers?

Is this something in born in them or….there’s a secret to it?

These questions seems intriguing to me for the fact, since young I am always impressed that why some people are just more intelligent than me.

Why do some people seems to know so much and rather competent in it…?

Do they have better brain or WHAT?

Are you ready to hear the “secret” to BECOME A MASTER IN ANYTHING YOU DREAM OF?




The answer is 10,000 hours.

Yes…It is simple but profound….You have to practice 10,000 hours.

You can only be a master in ANYTHING if you have devoted your blood, sweat, tears and time for 10,000 hours. Period.

Some people are just plain lucky, because the days when they are young, their environment preconditioned them to attain that 10,000 hours of training, and that is why they become so successful, so GOOD IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

If you are not that privilege to have such an environment, YOU CAN CREATE ONE! I aim to be a master of financial planning. Master of running a successful business.

I have been in this business for over 2 years. I work 6 days a week, but a matter of fact, I do think about my business everyday. From the moment, my eyes blinked in the morning, till the night when I sleep.

I eat, breath and sleep my business every day. Put there, I think about my business 12 hours a day. In one year, there is about 360 days. In one year, I clocked 4320 hours. In 2 years, I clocked 8640 hours.

I dont mind working hard, to be a master in something, I am deeply passionate about…..So, if you are passionate in something, and will like to be a master in it….

MY recommendation: Devote 10,000 hours in your field as fast as possible, and you will soon realise that you are going to be one of THE BEST IN YOUR FIELD!! 🙂


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3 Responses to “You Can Be A Master In Anything If You DO THIS!!!”

  1. rudi Says:

    great post brother…

  2. Helmi Hakim Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. From USA Says:

    Bill Gate was born into a RICH family. He studied in one of the most EXPENSIVE schools in USA. It is not intelligent and neither hard work. Just KNOWING people in ‘The Family… It is NOT success… USA is in a BIG mess… FAMILIES are messed up… Be careful…Take care of YOUR family & children…BUY less…eat less…throw less…sleep enough (cancer comes when less sleep too in addition to jewish genes – if have) …Jewish Lawyers – are CROOKS… they are master LIERS…is it success? OMG !!
    Where does MONEY come from?
    USA is now going ORGANIC & people want OWN backyard with potatoes (not genetically modified…and free range non-chemical chicken feed (or else cancer and disease)… NEED MORE MONEY ONLY IF “spend” more too… to buy “trinkets”… USA people were duped like tjid for past 50 years…now the ‘cooperations’ are LOOKING at non-americans to dupe…

    Her do this:
    Get LAND..lots & lots..share and grow ORGANIC crops and non-toxic meat farms & Milk, yougurt. RECYCLE everything… REUSE everything… REDUCE “buying” JUNK…just to throw it again in garbage… READ, work just enough but not got GREENSPAN – The King…
    DO NOT BE DUPED like Americans for the past 50 years… LEARN from their MISTAKES…

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