Young Malays Need To Revamp Its Culture, For The Betterment Of The Upcoming Generation….

Sun, Nov 23, 2008

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I seldom write  or assess on my community in direct, personal and straight forward manner…free from ambiguous connotations…

Today is an exception.

Malays today, is different, than Malays 20 years ago, or perhaps 10 years ago.

Many are now IT literate, more contemporary in our social lifestyle and has a tinted taste of modernization…

Yet, I believe, some things still REMAINED THE SAME.

The culture of “lepaks” wasting time doing nothing productive, the culture of spending more than you earn (half of my malay clients have GE loan, or Courts loan), the culture of contentment (it’s okay, enough already), all these MUST CHANGE.

I believe, it must be done, on a top down approach.

It hurts me much seeing our young generation, smoking their life away, with puffs of sheesha in Arab Street, or perhaps dancing their youths off in clubs and discos.

It hurts me much, seeing a father buying car, extra TV set: or seeing a mom buying excess jeweleries, yet DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH to save for their child’s tertiary education.

It hurts me much, seeing our community feeling contented with what little we have…. , adopting the mindset, “its enough, its enough, its enough”, refusing to strive forward.

Everyday, I think of ways of helping my community using my humble expertise as a financial associate.

Hereby, I will like to make a COMMITMENT, that by end of this year, insyallah…. I will complete my book, “33 Common Questions,People Asked Me As A Financial Associate In Singapore” and send it for publishing on 31 March 2009…

I will make sure every major bookstore in Singapore subsequently have my book, and insyallah, conduct talks on financial planning in the near future.

Pray for my success….

Btw, talking about writing my own book, I am proud to announce a very young entrepreneur, Muhammad Ahshik, has just launched his book few days back.

At a tender age of 9, he started his business venture by selling postcards under the guidance of his father, a well known businessman, Abang Abu.

I bought his book, read his book and find some practical gems in it.

It is written in a very simple, down to earth manner and very, very straight forward indeed. better than all those Western books out there

It is very inspiring.

It offers something that many other books lack.

It offers “hope”.

If such a young entrepreneur can strive to be a better businessperson, I believe anyone, all of us out there have the tenacity, the ability to move forward with our goals and ideas.

Don’t sit on it.

Take action! Massive Action!!!! 🙂

Btw, his book will be in the market valued at $19.90, I have been granted a special privilege from Abang Abu, to promote 10 copies of the book at my blog, for $14.90.

Yes… That’s a 25% discount… This is only available for the readers in my blog, and to my clients…

Call me at 96520134, and you can collect it at my office in Woodlands Civic Centre.

Thank you. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Young Malays Need To Revamp Its Culture, For The Betterment Of The Upcoming Generation….”

  1. Azhar Says:

    1. Yes, we must always strive to improve everyday, no matter what the condition and situation is.
    2. Just ask at the end of the day: What have actually been done today that allows room for improvement.
    3. Improvement is easy: Get your ass off to workout, stop the lepak, instead help mom to clean the house, and so on.
    4. If you really think hard, do you realise that deep inside, there will always be something that you really need to do, but you are procrastinating on doing it. Think about it. (:

  2. Helmi Hakim Says:

    Azhar >>> Thank you, Azhar for echoing my sentiments. 🙂

    It is the progressive, step by step change that will bring our Malay/Muslim community on par, with the rest of the community.

    Like what US elected president Obama says, “Change…We can!” 🙂

  3. Alwardi Says:

    Its like what Dr. Mahathir once said in one of his famous speech: “Melayu Mudah Lupa”.

    We tend to forget our duties to strive for excellence, me included too.

    The need for change is inevitable.

    Hang Tuah should have said “Takkan Melayu ketinggalan dalam dunia”.

    Its vicious chain cycle, and this cycle has got to be eliminated, replaced with one that is geared to strive for betterment for self, for its race, for society and the world.

  4. Helmi Hakim Says:

    Alwardi >>> Thank you for your thoughtful contribution 🙂

    Muchly agree with your statement…

    However, I am very happy and fortunate that all my Malay clients are exceptionally, the enthusiastic ones, who perceived change, as an opportunity to strive for the betterment of their personal welfare.

    Alhamdulillah… It is indeed, very, very refreshing! 🙂

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