One Of The Most Powerful Song On Earth! You BETTER LISTEN TO IT!

Mon, Feb 11, 2008


This is one of the most powerful song I ever heard in my life.

I am fortunate to have our Income Academy trainer, Sunny to share with us this empowering song.

… and I want to share it with you.

I want you to listen to it.

Listen to it with feelings.

Feel it intensely.

Forget about your failures.

Forget about your past.

Forget about your insecurities.

Throw it all out, dispose it in a plastic bag, and sealed it tight.

Forget about it, because you are not going to live the past.

You are going to live your future, with immense joy, laughter, and the intense feeling of fulfilment awaits you.

You are going to be the Number 1 In Your Industry.

You are going to be popular.

You are going to be wealthy.

You are going to be rich.

You deserve the success that you desire, the success that you have dream of, and the success that you have worked relentlessly hard, day by day.

You can do it.

You can do it because you believe.

You believe that no one design your destiny, except yourself.


You choose your destiny.

You choose your path.

No ones owes you a living.

You are on your own, in your thoughts.

But, by spirit, there are a lot more individuals dieing to see you succeed.

Succeed in your field of endeavour.

Succeed in everything you do.

Dont let a single tint of doubt, to cast shadow on your ability.

Dont question yourself.

Just do whatever it takes.

You will fight till the end and you will never stop.

Success is never a destination, its a journey where you continue with pride and honour.

You will succeed.

Now listen to this song and banish away all your negative thoughts you have about yourself, and live your dreams like you always want to.

Be somebody.

Cheerz! 🙂


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