If You Are Cash Rich, Don’t Choose To Live Like A Pauper…

Sat, Oct 27, 2007



There was once a junk dealer who made his living by picking up things other people had thrown away.

He lived in a run down house on his own.

Everyday he would go out early in the morning and return late at night.

He had no relations or friends, as he was a loner.

One day he fell sick and never recovered. He passed away and since he had no close relatives, the police entered his house to investigate.

They found the whole house littered with old furnishings and assorted items from
his past.

However, to their surprise, the police discovered more than $100,000 in old bills packed in small boxes throughout the house.


The question is why would a man with $100,000 cash in his possession lived like a beggar, and chose to keep his money stashed-away in old boxes, which were not properly kept in a safe place?

He probably feared that he would lose his money someday and therefore lived like a pauper.

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The truth of the matter is that money is only an idea manifested on paper with ink on it.

It is only useful and of value when it is being used.

Money is not meant to be hoarded, but rather to be used, enjoyed and circulated.

Money is neutral, and it is neither good nor bad.

Whether it is good or bad depends on how it is earned and used.


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4 Responses to “If You Are Cash Rich, Don’t Choose To Live Like A Pauper…”

  1. Gavin Says:

    I like this story..

  2. Helmi Hakim Says:

    Gavin >>> Thanks Gavin… 🙂 Hope the rest of the readers will love this story too (“)

  3. wanie Says:

    Itz all about M O N E Y !
    No money No talk…
    It is indeed juz a piece of paper… but its power can make people crazy.
    Be creative and smart in building wealth but never forget to cherish and appreciate life in present as the days will never come back again.

  4. Helmi Hakim Says:

    wanie >>> You are right!

    Creating wealth is noble,yet learning to cherish and appreciate life in the present is equally important too! 🙂

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