Let’s Move On….

Wed, Nov 19, 2008


It is 2 am in the morning now.

…and I am yet to be on bed, sleeping.

Someone pissed me off just now, with some remarks that I simply cannot swallow.

Some people say that words can be poisonous, and I subscribe to that school of thought dearly.

I feel the inch of pain piercing through my heart, oozing red blood off my soul.

I wish, that I can just let it go, but the pain seems too dominating, puncturing my fragile ego.

I feel so hurt, and drain off emotionally.

I feel exhausted, just by thinking of what was said.

At this time, I feel the theory, that I have been advocating, comes to play.

E + R = O

Event + Response = Outcome

Yes… I am seriously hurt by the remarks created by that someone.

Yes… I will and must choose to let it go and flow, far, far away….

Life must goes on….

Cheer up, Helmi… Your journey has just begun…..


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