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As I promised earlier that I am going to share with you, what I have learnt in T Harv Eker’s seminar.

I share with you, because I want you to learn something useful from my blog, and in the process, I want you to tell all the people whom you care, about this blog….

Tell them to visit this blog occasionally.

I am committed to this social mission of educating the many who support me by reading this blog.

And in return for that favour, I will continually be committed to provide quality information, for you…readers of my blog.

I am committed!

Are you?

The first powerful concept which I learnt is the Money Management System.

I realised that I have this bad, bad habit.

Everytime I earn my money, I will spend it to the MAX!

I will buy this and that.

Everything which I like.

Practically, everything that I can afford to.


I am a bad, bad spender, though I advocate the idea of savings as a financial associate.

I love to spend.

And I love to spend till I am penniless!

Everytime, I managed to accumulate a sum of money, I will blew it all away on stuffs that I DONT NEED!

Now, let me ask you a question.

How many of you are guilty as I am?

How many of you LOVE to spend?

Yup… I am very sure there are many!

As when we, a strong group of 5000 participants were told to group ourselves in terms of savers, spenders and monks, MAJORITY of us are SPENDERS!

Its ironic that I, me and myself belongs to that category too!

When the concept of the “money jars” was introduced I was profoundly strucked.

I was strucked by the simplicity yet the effectiveness of the system.

It was madness.

I was practically blown away by the concepts.

Its simple yet effective.

We were told to divide our money, our earnings into 6 important categories.

1) PLAY Account (10%)

2) NECESSITY Account (55%)

3) LTSS Account (10%)

4) EDUCATION Account (10%)

5) GIVE Account (5%)

6) FINANCIAL FREEDOM Account (10%)

Everytime we receives money,we were told to divide our money into these broad categories.

We can open up different bank accounts to segregate our money.


PLAY Account is your portion of your money which you will need to use to ENJOY your money.

You can go for a massage, go for spa, go and buy the luxury that you have craved for.

Spend this money like there is no tomorrow.

You can spend this money in the PLAY Account till you drop, without feeling guilty 🙂


NECCESSITY Account is your portion of your money which you use to spend your money on NECCESSITIES!

Like food, transportation, accommodation, etc2…


LTSS Account is the portion of your money for long term spending like buying a television set, buying car, buying a washing machine, buying a….anything that you can associate to long term use.

I mean practically everything.


EDUCATION Account is the portion of your money for the use of upgrading yourself.

You can use this to buy books, to go for seminars, to go for workshops, practically ANYTHING that can develop you, can educate you to be a person you want to be 🙂


GIVE Account is the portion of your money for you to DONATE your money.


DONATE your money.

You must DONATE your money.

You don’t have to just donate your money to charity.

You can just give your money to anybody, yes…

I man practically anybody who is in need.

And if you wish to donate more money, since the allocation rate here is just 5%, you can take some amount from your necessity account and donate that portion too!


FINANCIAL FREEDOM Account is the account where you SAVED your money for retirement.

You cant touch that money.

In my capacity as a financial associate, what I can recommend is that you can save using our financial vehicles.

We have lots of them, and I can personally do proper recommendations after doing a NEEDS BASED ANALYSIS with you.

YES! Definitely!

I can!

Frankly speaking, I have so much to share and stay tuned in my blog as I will share with you lots of other useful tips that I have learnt from the seminar itself.

See ya soon.

You rockz! 🙂


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