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These few days, I have been meeting financial advisors from other tied insurance companies and independent firms….and guess what?

I get to know, all of them through this blog!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 powerla

You know as I  joined Cabaran 101010, where we challenged ourselves to achieve $100,000 in net profit within 10 months, I have made a conscious decision to blog what I have learnt along the way. Maybe, if you are a financial advisor too, reading this blog, you can share your strategies…. We can learn from each other. 🙂

Knowledge Head S

I will blog what I have learnt along the way, from people who surrounds me, or from books that I have read.

I realize that by doing so, it forces me to think and reflect more, on how, I can use what I have learnt, and further apply it to improve my business. I will apply it, contextually in my situation.

Today, I just read 8 Wealth Tactics From T Harv Eker Guerilla Marketing Strategies.

Note: As the strategies will require some bits of explanation, I will blog, 1 strategy each day,and show how I will apply that strategy in my business.

Strategy 1: Business is as simple as KISS

KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple.

In business, you dissect it into 3.

1)  Create
2) Sell
3) Admin

For any business to succeed, you need to focus MORE on selling. If you are not selling, you won’t make money. If this means that you have to reduce your admin, or outsource, then you should because you only get paid when you sell.

The ideal breakdown of your resource and time allocation should be:

1) create – 20%
2) sell – 60%
3) admin – 20%


I realise, that at times, I spend more time, on idling. Surfing the net, chatting with friends, facebooking, reading etc2…. and generally all these activities are not money-making for me. THERE ARE 2 THINGS THAT I WILL DO IMMEDIATELY….

Roadshows– There are about 30 days in a month. 2 weeks in a month, I will allocate time for roadshows. From there, I will generate leads, or perhaps generate clients immediately, through special needs, financial planning. Just by that, 50% of my time, is focused on selling.

Telemarketing– Business are always generated through appointments with clients.No appointments = No business

I will make Friday, a telemarketing day for me. Friday will be a day, where I will call all my leads for the following week appointments. I need to have at least 15 appointments, for the following week, before I can go home.  No 15 appts = Cannot go home

By having 15 appointments per week, it will also ensures that I dedicate much of my time on selling, in my context, advising my clients how they can grow their money, make their money work harder for them, all in all, to achieve their financial objectives.

Brilliant!!!! Sounds like a game plan to me!!! Stay tune on my blog, to read the other 7 strategies that I will apply…. For now, I will work on this first…Take one step at a time….. I will update you of my progress!!!  See ya!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Helmi Hakim