8 Financial Ratios That You Can Use If You Have Learnt How To Create Your Own Personal Cashflow and NetWorth Statement

Thu, Oct 30, 2008

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If you read my prior posts,you have learnt how to create your own personal cashflow statement and your personal balance sheet.

Today, I am going to touch on 8 FINANCIAL RATIOS that you can use to interpret your current financial standing.

I have created a mindmap, to help me recall the financial ratios.

1) Basic Liquidity Ratio

Cash/Near Cash
Monthly expenses

You must have a basic liquidity ratio of 3-6 times. It signifies your ability to pay for your expenses if anything were to happen to you.

2) Liquid Assets To Networth Ratio

Cash/Near Cash

Measures the proportion of networth an individual have in terms of cash or near cash. You need to have at least 15%.

3) Debt To Assets Ratio

Total Liabilities
Total Assets

You need to have less than 50%. If you have more than 50%, you do not have enough assets to pay off your total debts.

4) Solvency Ratio

Total Assets

It measures the long term solvency problem. The higher, the ratio, the better.

5) Debt Service Ratio

Total Debt Yearly Repayment
Annualised Take Home Pay

This ratio measures the proportion of take home income, used to make regular payment of debts. If it is lower than 35%, means HEALTHY.

6) Non Mortgage Debt Service Ratio

Total Non Mortgage Debt Yearly Repayment
Annualised Take Home Pay

This ratio measures the proportion of “take home income” used for regular payments of non mortgage debts.If it is lower than 15%, means HEALTHY.

7) Investment Assets To Net Worth Ratio

Invested Assets

This ratio compares teh value of invested assets with networth. If it is more than 50%, means HEALTHY.

8) Savings Ratio

Gross Income

This ratio calculate the proportion of your income, you set up for savings. You need to save at least 10% of your gross income.

I suggest you create your cashflow statement and your personal balance sheet and try the ratio out!

Its fun! Try it! 🙂


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