My Gigantic, Intriguing & Fun Goals For Year 2009…

Tue, Jan 6, 2009


This 2009, marks a fresh start for me.

I did a check on my 2008 goals and alhamdulillah…90% of it achieved! 🙂

This year, is going to be an exciting one for me. These are some of my goals that can be publish for year 2009.

1) I earned a stable income of minimum $8,000/mth
2) I passed my driving, practical test.
3) I completed and published my hard cover book, “33 Common Questions People Asked Me As A Financial Associate in Singapore”.
4) Azizi Ali is my personal mentor
5) I am featured in Berita Harian and Straits Times, to share on financial planning concepts.
6) My net worth is $100,000.

On a lighter note…
7) I completed at least 1 marathon every 2 months in Singapore
8) I  know to play guitar for all my favourite songs

Plans for my blog
1) Youtube, Whiteboard Concept Sharing on Financial Planning
2) Youtube, Interview Millionaires In Singapore, on how they make their first million
3) Youtube, Recorded Testimonials From Helmi Hakim’s Clients
4) Motivational Mondays’ Blog Post, Financial Wednesdays’ Blog Post, Free Thoughts Fridays’ Blog Post

P.S: I am highly confident of achieving of all these goals. Bookmark my post here, because next year, I am going to refer back to this post, showing that you can achieve anything in life, IF YOU BELIEVE! 🙂


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  1. Azhar Says:

    hey bro, thats great..keep up the spirit. I know you will achieve it, no doubt (:

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