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Today is the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal, which is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)’s birthday.


We, Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the last and final messenger of God.

Since young, when I read the seerah of our beloved Prophet, I am amazed at how much that we can learnt from him.
And today, I will like to touch specifically on
7 Good Business Habits of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

1) Trustworthy (Al Amin)

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was involved in trade since his early adulthood.

And he quickly gained the title Al-Amin (the Trustworthy).

Then he came under the employment of a well known businesswoman named Khadija bint Khuwaylid.

He was recommended to her by his uncle, Abu Talib.

“If you had requested this for the sake of a loathed stranger, I would have agreed. How can I refuse when it is for an honorable acquaintance?” she had said to Abu Talib, for she was also familiar with Rasulullah’s reputation.

In Islam, we learnt that  9/10 of sources of rezeki (income) can be derived from business activities.
And in running our own business, we also seek the baraqah and redha from Allah S.W.T.
To get baraqah and redha from Allah S.W.T. in business, we need to have good character.
We need to be Trustworthy.


It’s very easy to be greedy in trade, which is why a lot of cheating, cutting corners, riba and exorbitant pricing happen.
So if you want to seek baraqah and redha from Allah S.W.T., follow the steps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Being transparent, truthful and trustworthy is the first step to gain the trust of your clients and running a successful business.

2) Always give salam to your customers/prospects

Abdullah ibn Amr (may Allah be pleased with both) narrated that a man asked the Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) regarding which aspect of Islam was better.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) replied:
“That you feed (others), say the greeting of salaam to those whom you know and those whom you don’t know”.

Start with, “Assalamualaikum” greetings with your clients and even with your prospects who you don’t know them personally.


“Assalamualaikum” means “Peace Be Upon You”.

3) Smile

Smile is sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Abdullaah ibn Haarith said, “I’ve never came across a person who smiled as much as Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad regarded smiling to a brother as an act of charity.”

Smiling is like a magnet that attracts rezeki for business people.

The more we smile, the more people will like us.
And we will also attract positive vibes and cheerful customers in our business.  Insya’Allah. 🙂


4) Avoid appointments during solat prayer time

“Verily, As-Salaah (the prayer) is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours”

[al-Nisa’ 4:103].

Personally, I do my best to avoid my financial planning consultations during solat prayer time.
Subuh @ 5.28am
Zuhur @ 12.53pm
Asar @ 4.16pm
Maghrib @ 6.54pm
Isyak @ 8.07pm

5) Doa

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said
“Dua is the essence of Ibadah (worship).” (HR At-Tirmidzi)

As Muslims, we believe that there is no middle man between God and his slaves. Any help we need, be it in business or life, we are to call unto him directly.

God tells us:
And your Lord says, Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” Indeed, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell [rendered] contemptible.” Quran 40:60

And these are the 3 most mustajab time to make doa.

The Last Third Of The Night
Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said:
‘In the last third of every night our Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) (Allah (SWT)) descends to the lowermost heaven and says;
“Who is calling Me, so that I may answer him?
Who is asking Me so that may I grant him?
Who is seeking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him?.”‘ [Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Qudsi]

While Prostrating
Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (SAW), said: ‘The nearest a slave can be to his Lord is when he is prostrating, so invoke (supplicate) Allah (SWT) much in it. [Muslim, abu Dawud, an-Nasa’i and others, Sahih al-Jami #1175]

Between Adhan and Iqamah
Anas (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: ‘A supplication made between the Adhan and Iqama is not rejected.’
[Ahmad, abu Dawud #521, at-Tirmidhi #212, Sahih al-Jami #3408, an-Nasai and Ibn Hibban graded it sahih (sound)]

6) The best humans bring the most benefit to other human beings

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.” [Daraqutni, Hasan]

That is why I always advocate that in whatever business or profession we do, continue to upgrade ourselves.

Perfect the effectiveness and efficiency of our systems. The quality of our service.

So as to provide the best value, the optimal benefit for our clients, our community and the rest of mankind. Insya’Allah. 🙂

7) Understanding Muamalat and Avoid all forms of riba

As business people, when we study Muamalat, we need to pay close attention especially when it comes to practising business transactions.

Muamalat – Actions among men: This refers to how people interact with each other in their day-to-day affairs and dealings with people. This includes such things as trade, partnerships, laws, … as well as Islamic Finance.

Unlike Ibadat, a general principle that applies to Muamalat is that everything is allowed, except for what has been prohibited. Therefore as business people, we need to know the prohibitions.
(Explanation adapted from Almir Colan)

– Prohibition of riba, maysir and gharar


As you can see above, there are many things we can learn from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) when it comes to running our business.

In business, cashflow is king. Having money on hand is important.

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Take Care! 


Helmi Hakim