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Today’s story is about the importance of setting Goals.


In 1953 Yale University did a research on its graduating seniors.

The graduates interviewed were asked if they had a clear, specific set of goals written down with a plan for achieving those goals.

Only 3 percent had their goals written down.

Twenty years later, in 1973, these surviving graduates were tracked down and interviewed again.

It was discovered that the 3 percent with specific written down goals were worth more financially as compared to the 97 percent put together.

They were also more successful in other areas of their lives.


The above story clearly demonstrates the importance of having specific written down goals.

The goals must be specific in terms of what you desire, the precise date you desire to achieve it, and what you are willing to give in return for the goals.

It must be written down and read every single day.

If you write down something that you may not believe at the moment but if you read
it long enough, you will start to believe and act upon it. 🙂


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Helmi Hakim