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Double Your Income

In my profession as a financial consultant,
I get to meet a lot of people.

People seeking financial advice from me on how to clear their riba based loans in Singapore.
(a number of them undergoing CCS program now).

Or seeking financial advice on how to save, accumulate and grow their money, the shariah compliant way in Singapore.

Most of them have 1 small yet troubling problem.
They don’t have money.

Wallet 1024x768

Whatever shariah compliant financial strategies I share with them, it remains difficult for them to have money.

The reason is not because they don’t have financial discipline.
And not because they are not committed to their financial goals.

The reason is simply because they don’t have a HIGH DISPOSABLE INCOME (money that goes inside your pocket every month).

So, today I want to share with you a topic that is close to my heart,
“7 Ways To Double Your Income, The Shariah Compliant Way in Singapore”

Clear Riba Based Loans Singapore

Today, we shall focus on 1st part of Takaful.sg Financial M.A.P. model! 🙂

It is a not a magic formula.
Yet I am highly confident, if you read and apply the strategies that I am about to share.
It will work like magic for you!
Allah Ya Mujeeb! (Allah The Responsive One)

1) Work as if….

First thing first you have to understand this.
In business, people pay for value.
How much you are paid commensurates with the value you deliver to the marketplace.

What I want you to do
Be it if you are self employed OR a full time employee….

If you earn $2000/mth, work as if you are paid $4000/mth.
If you earn $5000/mth, work as if you are paid $10,000/mth.
If you earn $10,000/mth, work as if you are paid $20,000/mth.


Yet sometimes, I have people who told me.
I work for more than I’m paid.
“My boss doesn’t appreciate me. Pay increment is not in his dictionary.”

If you are an employee, it is time for you to build up your emergency funds (6-12 months expenses), and find a new boss.
If you are a business person, it is time for you to review your business strategies.

Yet, 1 common denominator that I strongly advocate is HARD WORK.
‘Man Jadda, Wa Jadda’ whoever strives shall succeed.

The more value, you deliver, the more money you make.
Below is an idea I get while reading Russel Brunsen’s book, and I find it super relevant.
It is called the “Value Ladder”.
I call it, The More Value You Give, The More Money You Make Financial Ladder. 🙂


More Value More Money Ladder
(The More Value You Give, The More Money You Make Financial Ladder)


When you are at work, always, always EXCEED expectations.
Deliver more value than you are required to.

Do your best wherever you are! And in whatever you do!
Soon, Allah S.W.T. will show you the path to people who will pay you for what you are worth.

2) Mix with people who earn double or triple your income

In your industry, definitely there are people earning double or triple your income.
Make friends with them.

Okay. If they are self employed like you.
Yet earn double or triple your income.
They know something that you don’t.

They think differently from you.

Yet, most probably they are busi….er than you.

Eat the humble pie.
Make it easier for them to help you.
Give first.
Add value to their business first. Then seek help.
Most people called it “Law of Reciprocity”.
I call it, “You help me. I help you.” concept.
It works. 🙂


Another super fast way for you to mix with people who earn double or triple your income is to join personal development/ investment or business seminars.
Usually for seminars, they have success stories.
They have testimonials.
Better still, if they have rag to riches story.
Last time, Person A was not doing so well.
Alhamdulillah after joining a certain seminar, Person A is now doing well.
Learn wholeheartedly from the seminar, and make a conscious effort to befriend “Person A” and others.

What we want is the connection.
The circle.
Circle is important.
I know many parents who send their children to good schools because good schools have students with well connected parents.
And the students have a head start to becoming successful, well known, established individuals in the future.
The parents want their child to have a good circle in the future.

If you want to double or triple your income, you can consciously alter your circle.
I am not asking you to dump your friends!
I am asking you to make more friends with people who are MORE SUCCESSFUL than you.

It is like thermostat adjusting to a certain temperature.

Thermostat 1024x726


Soon, you will realise that your income will match the circle of friends that you have just built from scratch.

Choose your circle carefully. Because your circle will shape who you become, and your family generations to come.

3) Write down your gratitude list every morning when you wake up from sleep

I read from “The Secret”.

The Secret Helmi Hakim 768x1024

They mentioned that to change your life fast:

Use gratitude to shift your energy.

When you put all your energy into gratitude,
you will see miracles taking place in your life.

Joy attracts more joy.
Happiness attracts more happiness.
Peace attracts more peace.
Gratitude attracts more gratitude.
Kindness attracts more kindness.
Love attracts more love.

I learnt that as the “Law Of Attraction”.

When I learn more about our beautiful religion Islam, I realize a bit of similarity.
Allah S.W.T say in Surah Ibrahim, Chapter 14, Verse 7
If you are grateful, Allah will certainly give to you more.

Quran Grateful 1024x759


I want you to write down your gratitude list every morning when you wake up from sleep.

Example how to write your GRATITUDE list:

Alhamdulillah, Ya ALLAH. I am grateful because I am alive today.

Alhamdulillah, Ya ALLAH. I am grateful because I believe Allah is God and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is the messenger of God.

Alhamdulillah, Ya ALLAH. I am grateful because I have a loving family.

Helmi Hakim Family 1024x799

Alhamdulillah, Ya ALLAH. I am grateful because I have a fully paid car.

Alhamdulillah, Ya ALLAH, I am grateful because I like my job as a financial consultant. And I have very friendly and understanding clients.

and you have to remember this.

Allah mengikut sangkaan hambanya. (Muttafaqun ‘alaih).

When you write your GRATITUDE list every morning,
you will attract the good in your life.
Because you thank Allah S.W.T. the goodness that you have in your life.
And you believe that Allah S.W.T. will continue to bring goodness in your life.

What you write, you think, you feel.
You say and do, they are DOA that Insya’Allah will be granted by Allah S.W.T.

Write good.
Think good.
Feel good.
Say good.
and do Good!
It will become a DOA.

Allah Ya Mujeeb! (Allah The Responsive One)
Grant the doa of all my blog readers reading my blog now.
Amin. Amin. Insya’Allah.

4) Outsource

If you earnestly do the first 3 actionable ideas I shared with you above, I assure your income will increase. Time will be my witness.

Financial Free Singapore

We are still focusing on the 1st step of Takaful.sg “Your Financial M.A.P.” model.

Make Money. So what can you do to Make More Money?

The next idea is very relevant especially if you are self employed or running your business.

You have to understand this.

You are not Superman.
You are not Batman.

You are not Ultraman.
Captain Planet.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Or POWER RANGERS! (my favourite)

You and me. We are just normal human beings.

Normal human beings with our strengths and limitations~~~



I remember one of the quotes of wisdom,by a Singaporean entrepreneur, Sant Qiu,

“Whatever you can do, you can do it bigger, better, faster……
with the right team.
So assemble the right team as early as you can and achieve bigger, better results FASTER!”



Yes. Don’t work alone.

No man is an island.

Even if you follow the movies, you will realise something.
Superheros nowadays don’t work alone! 🙂

Gone are the days, where Superheros have their own turfs.
Superman takes care of Metropolis.
Batman takes care of Gotham City.
Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther all have their own turfs.

Today, we see Ironman assemble his team
and combine all these superheros together,
to become AVENGERS!

Avengers Finance

As Avengers, they are now the elite team to guard the world
and make it a safe place for all of us.

My question for you.
Do you still want to work alone? 🙂

Last time, when I have a goal, my brain will think this way.
“How can I achieve this?”

Now with a team. I think this way.
“How can my team and I achieve this?”

5) Focus on 80:20

When you focus on everything, nothing changes.
When you focus on one thing, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE!

In you are in business, you have to realize that 20% of your activities give 80% of your results.

I define this as my “give me a lot of results” task.
I call it, “give me a lot of results” task because I know if I complete these tasks,
I will get a lot of things done for the day!

So everyday, when I have my to do list, I will make sure that I complete my “give me a lot of results” task FIRST.
Then, everything else.

By prioritising to complete a task that matters FIRST, I assure you that you will be more productive. And in return your income will increase. I am very confident in that.


6) Start your day early, don’t sleep after Subuh prayers and perform your Duha prayers

All the successful people whom I’ve met and had the opportunity to ask questions, I realise they have common traits.
Common patterns.
Things that you can follow and model upon.
1st things 1st, they start their days early. They don’t go back to sleep after their Subuh prayers.

Secondly, Solat Duha.

If you feel too narrow in rezeki, pray 8 rakaat.
If not, 4 rakaat.
Minimum 2 rakaat.
Do it daily.
And consistently.

May Allah S.W.T. bless us with bountiful rezeki!
Allah Ya Mujeeb! (Allah The Responsive One)


7) Istighfar,
Avoid the Haram and Sadaqah

Istighfar means I seek forgiveness from Allah S.W.T.
The more you Istighfar, Insya’Allah… the more rezeki you will have.
Refer to Surah Nooh, verse 10-12
Istighfar 657x1024

Second thing is Taqwa.
Avoiding the Haram.
Do what Allah like, and Allah will give us what you like.
Have faith in Allah S.W.T.
Ayat Seribu Dinar 906x1024

And finally Sadaqah.

Strategy No 3, I shared with you about Law Of Reciprocity.
Give first and you shall receive back.

Law with reciprocity with a fellow human being on this earth is very different with law of reciprocity with Allah S.W.T.
Law of reciprocity with a human being… 1- 1 = 0
Today, you help me. Tomorrow, I help you.
We are done. We are even.

Law of reciprocity with Allah S.W.T. through our sadaqah jariah is different.
Law of reciprocity with Allah S.W.T. … 1 – 1 = 10

You give 1, Allah S.W.T. will return you in 10 manifolds.

Continue to give value. Trust the process.
Make the world a better place to live in.
And Allah S.W.T. will path the way to people who appreciate you for who you are
and the services you offer.

Allah Ya Mujeeb! (Allah The Responsive One)
Grant the doa of all my blog readers reading my blog now.
Amin. Amin. Insya’Allah.

Now… I hope you have benefited from my sharing on 7 Ways To Double Your Income, The Shariah Compliant Way in Singapore

If you like to go to the next step of “Your Financial M.A.P” model, how you can accumulate and grow your money, the shariah compliant way in Singapore, I am always ready to help you.

You can always whatsapp/sms me at 96520134 to schedule a FREE consultation.
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Take Care!  ?

Helmi Hakim