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Marie Kondo Islamic Finance Singapore

I was watching the trending Netflix series on Marie Kondo, who is famously known as the tidiest woman in the world.
Marie Kondo, from Japan is an expert in tidying things up.
It amazes me on how she has 6 months wait list for potential clients.


I mean there are people in this world who want to learn her “life changing habits of tidying up”?

They want to learn seemingly simple tasks like…
How to fold your clothes. How to arrange your books.
How to get rid of clutter.
Or in her words… “getting rid of items that don’t spark joy.”

All in all using the KonMari method…

I was like, WOW!

I got intrigued and researched more about it.
And today, I will like to share with you my own version as an Islamic Finance Practitioner in Singapore.

“5 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Finances, The Shariah Compliant Way In Singapore...”

1) Marie Kondo your haram financial instruments away

First thing first, as an investor, we want to make money.
We want to make lots of them. The more, the BETTER!

Yet you and I know that we CANNOT set our qiblat on money alone.
We have to be aware on what is Halal.
And what is Haram.
Because we will be questioned during yaumul qiayamah.

For me once I learnt about shariah compliant screening methodologies, I Marie Kondo-ed  away my non shariah compliant investments that have broken even.
And FOCUS my effort 100% on shariah compliant financial instruments.

When I know all the money that I make is Halal, it brings peace to me.
Or in Marie Kondo’s words, “It sparks joy for me!” 🙂

2) Marie Kondo your past achievements away. What is important is now and the future.

Some people say…
Last time, there was an Islamic Bank in Singapore.
Last time, there were MORE shariah compliant financial instruments in Singapore.
Last time…..this and that.
I told them:
“If you want to talk about last time, I would say last time, my grandmother was also beautiful!!

She is 90 years old now, so praising her for her physical beauty is not relevant now. 🙂

What we should be focusing now is the present. What can we do today as an ummah to uplift Islamic Finance in Singapore?

Marie Kondo away your past glory. And focus on what we can do now.
And for our future.


3) Marie Kondo your ego away

You know. Sometimes, when I meet people.
They yayapapaya assume they know everything about Islamic Finance.

They think they know EVERYTHING!


When fact is, they barely know a thing.

To me Knowledge is power. Yet in order to receive it, one must first, be humble and ‘Marie Kondo’ one’s ego away.

Imam Syafi’i RA said,

“If you want happiness in this world,you need knowledge.
If you want happiness in the hereafter, you need knowledge.
If you want happiness in this world and hereafter, you need knowledge.”

….and only when you are humble, open to learning new things, and when you are ready.
Your teacher will appear. 🙂

4) Be thankful and Marie Kondo your negative thoughts away

If you have watched the first episode, the “process” begins with you greeting your house first.
Communicate with your house.
By thanking your house for always protecting you.

Appreciate what you have.

Clothes 768x1024


When you throw your clothes away, you must thank the clothes for letting you wear them.
Thank your clothing item 1 by 1.

When you fold your clothes, take the opportunity to thank them.

I like Marie Kondo’s approach because I believe everything in this world is a creation of Allah S.W.T.
Be it our clothes.
Our house. Our money. The air that we breathe.
Everything is a creation of Allah S.W.T.
We have to be thankful for them.

Say Alhamdulillah…. 🙂

This is what I do during my signature program, “Your Financial M.A.P.”

I shared with my clients plenty of money saving tips.
And one thing, I told them is the importance of GRATITUDE.

You must feel thankful even if you manage to save $50.
$20. Or even $10.

Because Allah S.W.T. said in the Quran: “If you are grateful, I would certainly give you more

I’ve always believed that every big success stems from us being grateful for our small success.
Small successes will attract big successes as time passes.

Allah will bless us with more wealth if we are thankful. We have to be thankful even for small successes. Celebrate all our wins! 🙂

5) Marie Kondo your negative friends away and build deeper relationship with Allah S.W.T.

Your circle is important.

Who you mix with everyday is going to determine who you become in the future.
Marie Kondo away your negative friends.
I am not asking you to cut silaturahim.
Just spend lesser time with them.

In addition to that, build a deeper relationship with Allah S.W.T.

Our financial planning partner in our life is not our wife.
Not our mum. Not our dad.
Our financial planning partner is Allah S.W.T.

Build deeper relationship with Allah S.W.T. through our tahajjud prayers.
Through our taubat prayers. Through our hajat prayers.

Always Istighfar. Selawat.
Recite Al Fatihah. Ayatul Kursi.
Surah Al Ikhlas. Surah An Nas. Surah Al Falaq.
Surah Yasin. Surah Kahfi.

Everything we want to do…
Remember this…

Allah first.
Allah again.
Allah always...


Allah says Allah is nearer to us than our jugular vein. (Surah Qaf, Verse 16)
Allah knows best! 🙂


Now… I hope you have benefited from my sharing on 5 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Finance, The Shariah Compliant Way In Singapore…

If you are seeking a mentor, coach, consultant to share with you practical aspects on how you can plan your finance, the shariah compliant way in Singapore, I am always ready to help you.

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Take Care!  ?

Helmi Hakim